Modern lighting for your boat

Even in this modern era you can find several ships that use incandescent bulbs which consume a large amount of energy attracting all kinds of difficulties with the internal electrical circuit, such as short circuits or rapid wear on the internal battery.

It is for this reason that in the web portal of they usually advise an alternative more economic method and much longer duration than the traditional method previously commented, since it does not require of constant replacements nor continuous supervision of the wiring.

Reference is made to 2mn stainless steel horizontal port leds to keep the top of the hull illuminated, with this the boat will at all times have a visual location method to facilitate the work of maritime authorities in taking care of their safety.

This very useful product is usually the best method to reduce the electrical energy consumption of the vessel in which it is located, allowing to extend the operations of other instruments to a longer time to obtain greater benefits in their sea crossings.

Characteristics of 2mn stainless steel horizontal port LEDs

They are a completely hermetic product, they do not have any type of opening that could damage the wiring system or the internal bulb, allowing a complete operation in the most adverse conditions at any time of the day.

Its case is constructed of stainless steel so it will not suffer from corrosion by saline remains or damage by any maritime body that may become adhered, however it is recommended to clean next to the surfaces of the boat for proper operation.

This article replaces incandescent bulbs that generate heat with a cooler and more powerful light, which reduces by half the electricity consumption of the power source of the boat, lasting up to four times longer than their counterparts.

It has a 225ยบ VDC radius of vision for a wide range, this way they avoid possible problems or collisions in docks and at sea where the darkness of the night can represent a problem depending on the environmental conditions. More here.

It has an integrated system of indicators “Tell Tale” that allows to indicate to other crafts the exact place where is its ship and thanks to its lateral lights of starboard green color and in port of red color, it can indicate to them to which direction it is navigating.

You can even use them to place it on the deck allowing a very useful lighting when you need to make night trips and want to take a short walk on the surface of your boat to contemplate the vast ocean that extends before you.

It can be placed on any type of boat, as it will perform its function without excessive energy wear no matter how small the structure or power source.

From the web portal you can obtain one of these articles in a simple and quick way, observing the valuation of those who have acquired it before you, being able to compare opinions and judging if it is a high quality product.

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